Monday, March 4, 2013

Thoughts On The Exodus...

Last night the mini-series "The Bible" began on television.  I love how such depictions can help grant insights into the Truth of God's Word.  What struck me most as I watched the story of Moses was that the Egyptians pursued the people of Israel.  Exodus 14 tells us four times that the Egyptians pursued God's people.  If you had asked me before watching the movie, I would have told you that the Egyptians came after the Israelites to take them back, but last night, I was moved to feel their fear and panic.  I reread the account of the Israelites leaving Egypt and crossing the Red Sea this morning.  There were a number of things that stood out...
  1. It began with the physical release of the slaves by their captor.
  2. The people of Israel had to leave behind the life they knew.
  3. There were obstacles of impossibility along the path to the unknown.
  4. The Egyptian captors "pursued: followed with enmity as if to harm" (online dictionary) them on their way.
  5. A vast army pursued them - not just a small "manageable" band.
  6. It provoked great fear and complaining among God's people.
  7. They needed to be silent before God so they could hear Him say go forward... over the sea!
  8. Israel saw their enemy destroyed and God's power displayed.
  9. God's people feared the LORD and believed!
So what is the application to me?  I may not be a slave in an enemy nation but I confess that I am enslaved to a food addiction.  I had lived a number of years as a free woman only to "return to Egypt" through permissive behavior and dismissing the Voice of the LORD.  It's a terrible place to be and I desperately want to be free!

1 Corinthians 6:12 says, Everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial.  Everything is permissible for me but I will not be mastered by anything.  Right now, carbohydrates have mastery over me and though I know what to do, I have yet to leave them behind.  So, where does that leave me?  What should I do?  If you are honest with yourself, what about you?  Does anyone or anything have a strong hold on you?
  1. As believers, our physical release from captivity to the enemy was purchased by Jesus Christ at Calvary!  We CAN leave our captor behind.  (Romans 6:15-22, Galatians 5:1)
  2. We need to get started on a new way of living.  For me, healthy food and new ways of spending my time (exercise and planning for healthy eating and workouts).  (2 Corinthians 5:17)
  3. It's imperative that we recognize that nothing is impossible with God! (Matthew 17:20, 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 1:37, 18:27)
  4. Here's where I seem to be stuck... The enemy pursues and I surrender!  Whether it's bad habits engrained in us or demonic enemies (and it's probably both) if I'm going to be free, I'm going to have to play the tape to the end and tell myself the Truth! 
  5. If I don't, the vast army will continue to pursue me and not stop until I am destroyed (poor health, shame, condemnation, the loss of a testimony for God's glory).  (John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:8)
  6. Fear is really False Evidence Appearing Real... The Truth is God is All-Powerful!  He's the Miracle Worker!  He'll never leave me!  He knows exactly where I am!  He's faithful to lead me!  He's paid the ultimate price for me to be free!  He's on my side!  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!
  7. So... quit my complaining and listen for God's direction!  He'll tell me when to go and where to go - even how to do it!
  8. When the dawn comes, I will see that my enemy has been completely destroyed!  I will know the power of God because I will have seen Him exercise it on my behalf! 
  9. I've seen God's power before - many times!  Fear the LORD and believe!!
Let's get moving!  Go forward!  See the glory and majesty and power of the LORD!  The rewards of obedience are great and as we see in Exodus 15, we will sing a new song!


JennaZ said...

Thank you for this my friend! I really needed it to "hear" it this morning!

Karrie said...

Me too!