Friday, August 8, 2008

Driving For Two

Recently, I spent a few days in Houston, TX attending a conference and visiting a friend. Coming from a small, Canadian community, the life and pace of such a huge, American city is very different for me... especially the traffic. I can go clear across our city, from one side to the other, in a matter of 10 minutes... sometimes less, depending on the "traffic". I know each street. It's mostly 2 lane traffic. It's easy to maneuver from one place to another. On the massive freeway systems of Houston... it's quite a different story!

I was very hesistant to take the wheel and drive there. In fact, if it hadn't been for necessity, I never would have gotten into the driver's seat. With only the vaguest idea of where I was heading, I pulled out behind the van my friend was driving and joined the masses on the speedways that are a hallmark of so many American's lives.

I was anxious to the point of being nauseous but I just started talking out loud to the Lord. I asked for His angels to patrol the 4 corners of the car. I asked Him to make me incredibly alert to every detail, to guard and direct those that were whirring past on either side of me... Gradually peace began to descend upon me. Our conversation began to be about the peace that was enveloping me in the midst of an incredible alertness. The Lord was about to teach me a life lesson.

He asked me if I trusted my friend that was leading me through the jungle of vehicles. Of course! You see, she is no ordinary friend. She is really more like my sister. I know that she always wants the best for me and that she would lead me on safe paths. The Lord probed a little deeper. Did I trust her driving? Yes! Not only was I completely at ease when she was behind the wheel but I also realized that I was trusting her that morning to drive for herself AND ME! She was signaling clearly for each move that she needed me to make. She was mindful of the vehicles on either side of ME and making sure that the way was open for me to follow her. She knew that I didn't know exactly where I was going or what turns were necessary to get there, but she did. She was commited to me safely arriving at our destination. She was driving for two!

Then the Lord asked the question. "Child, will you trust Me to drive for two?" I had so much trust in my friend, a mere person with imperfections and failures just like me. Did I not realize that I can trust the Lord of lords and the King of kings on this journey of life? I profess to. Was I really living like it?

You see, when following Becky, my eyes were glued to the back of that van. When she breaked, I breaked. When she moved, I moved. I didn't know the direction we were going to go but I knew who I was following and nothing and no one was going to come between those two vehicles! I followed close on her heels. How much more can I trust the Lord! He sees the end from the beginning. He knows every turn in the road of my life. He knows every pothole and detour. Even the others travelling that same road. I don't need to know the whole route in advance. I didn't question the turns that Becky was taking me on. Why do I question the Lord? I can trust Him to get me through to the destination!

And He said to them, Come after Me [as disciples--letting Me be your Guide], follow Me... (Matthew 4:19a)

Lord, may my whole being follow hard after You and cling closely to You; Your right hand upholds me. (see Psalm 63:8)

And Lord, just like I asked that day for You to make me incredibly alert, Lord, cause me to be incredibly alert to Your leading. May I be attuned to Your every signal. And Lord, may I be faithful to pray for the other "drivers" on this road of life. May I intercede before Your throne for them as they journey home... So be it, Lord! Amen.