Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
The time is drawing near
when we will stop to celebrate
the night You were birthed here.
But, I have to tell You, Jesus,
I'm feeling quite ashamed.
I've been so busy working
I've barely pondered why You came...
Or how much You set aside above -
the King of Creation - crucified for love.

O my Lord, what can I do?
There must be something
I can give to You...
I have not myrrh, frankincense or gold
like the wise in days of old,
no political clout or worldly fame...
I have nothing that You would gain.
But, I humbly give myself to You -
my sins, my love, my gratitude
for all You graciously gave for me
the day You died on Calvary.

My Lord, You are my most treasured gift,
the Answer to my every wish.
Merry Christmas, Jesus!
There's nothing I need
but for more of You, I longingly plead.

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