Saturday, September 24, 2011

He Danced!

I learned something new about the Lord this week.  He danced!  I'm enjoying some wonderful moments with Jesus as I contemplate Him in the book "Jesus - 90 Days With the One and Only" by Beth Moore.  The LORD has really used that as a tool this week to show me some pretty awesome things about Him and myself.  Listen to this...

In that same hour He rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, "I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth" (Luke 10:21).

Oh, how I wish I were schooled in the original Greek and Hebrew languages!  I am constantly amazed at how very rich the Word of God is!  It is constantly deeper and fuller than I thought.  Let me set the stage...

In Luke 10, Jesus has sent out 72 disciples, two by two, to teach and heal.  They have come back from the various towns and villages "full of joy" saying, "Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name!" (vs. 17).  Christ takes a moment to affirm the authority that He has given them and then to teach that there is even greater cause for joy - that their "names are written in heaven" (vs. 20).  That is the setting for verse 21.  "In that same hour" Christ rejoiced - and not the same word for the joy of the disciples - His "joy is agalliao, meaning 'to exult, leap for joy, to show one's joy by leaping and skipping, denoting excessive or ecstatic joy and delight." (Jesus - 90 Days With the One and Only, Day 53, pg. 254)

Can't you just picture it?  Christ was so excited for His disciples to be understanding these mysteries that He leaped for joy!  He skipped for delight!  God's children were getting it!  I don't know why it caught me so by surprise.  Jesus dancing with joy.  We do it too.  We watch our children take their first steps... We've assured them that they can do it... We've cheered them on... and then watched with sheer delight as they've done it!  We've been more excited than they were.  We've snatched them up, spun them around and rejoiced!  We've experienced agalliao!

This was such a profound blessing to me in light of "Road Signs and Guideposts" (  I am learning to tell myself the truth about who and Whose I am.  I am learning to dare to believe that, in His authority, I can take great plunder ( and not only is my Lord teaching me and cheering me on, He's dancing in delight with each step I take!  Oh, how I praise You, Lord!

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