Monday, January 3, 2011

Wooing the Wild

The Lord is showing me so much about His incredible love for us through the three horses that are on the farm we are purchasing!  We are making nearly daily trips out to what will soon be our "home".  What draws us?  Well, in addition to the absolutely beautiful frost on the trees, the wide open spaces, the millions of stars piercing the black, night sky... we are drawn to the pasture that is home to "Angel", "Sunshine" and "Sarah".  Angel is somewhere around 15 years old while her 2 colts are around 6 and 7.  They have only ever been halter-broke.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, the owner hasn't spent any time with them the past number of years and they have grown somewhat "wild".  But we love them.
I can't explain why.  We just do.  And so, over the past number of weeks, we have begun "wooing" them.  It's been our delight!  We take them their favorite treats and introduce them to new ones.  We keep them well-fed and after the events of "By Bit or Bridle" (, we have made a path through the deep snow for them that leads right up to our barn.  Though they don't understand all that we say, we just keep talking to them because they are learning to recognize our voices.  I think they're even starting to recognize their names!

When we first started visiting them, we'd have to search the pasture to find them.  They'd approach us cautiously and sniff the treats we offered before they chose to sample them.  My husband even tied on snow shoes and coaxed them to the barn the first time - bribing them with carrots all the way!  But now, they are beginning to stay closer to home.  When we approach the lane, we roll down the window and call their names.  They gallop to the place where we'll meet to feed them.  Much to our delight, they are learning to trust us!

We've started brushing them and they seem to like our grooming touch.  Sarah absolutely loves to be scratched behind her ears and Sunshine requires the odd scolding when she doesn't share the food.  Though sometimes they back away when we take a hold of them by their halters, they are pretty lame attempts at resistance.  We are wooing the wild.

How much more does our Heavenly Father woo us?!  He is persistant in His kindnesses to me.  He keeps coming to meet me with His hands full of provisions.  When I am wandering away from home, He calls my name.  He even blazes a path out to get me when the way has grown too deep.  Though I don't understand everything He is teaching me all of the time, He just keeps talking gently to me.  And I'm learning.  I'm learning to trust His touch and even His correction.  I'm learning to trust HIM. 

I think this will be the theme for 2011.  I can see, by watching the horses, that it's going to take some hard work for them to get to really know us.  But it's not drudgery to me.  It's a wonderful adventure!  And I'm sure that this year with my Lord will only be more so!  He loves me so much more than we could ever love these old horses!  He's committed to working with me, teaching me, grooming me... loving me!

"for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose." (Philippians 2:13)  "The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it." (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

And I'm so grateful!

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Yolande said...

Hi Karrie,

Thank you for your blog and always drawing me back to our Lord.

Please post on FB when you post a blog so that I know to come and read it.

Your words always encourage me.
Blessings, Yolande