Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Awesome in the Insignificant

I woke up discouraged this morning. You know those days that when you get right down to it, either the Lord just isn't doing what you want Him to do or the answers to your prayers just seem to be taking too long. We talked about it this morning and He was so gracious to remind me that He knows it's hard sometimes but I can trust Him. He IS working. His plans are for my good. His timing is perfect.

I was reminded of Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan River. The LORD told them that as soon as the priests carrying the ark of the covenant stepped into the river, He would stop the water. Well, the priests obeyed and stepped out in faith and the LORD answered at that exact moment and stopped up the water... approximately 16 miles upstream! It has been calculated that the priests stood in the river, with the water rushing against them, for 7 1/2 - 12 1/2 hours before they saw the results of God's working. That's where the LORD has me right now... persevering in faith though sometimes I'm ever so aware that the waters of life are rushing against me. You can read about it in Joshua 3.

I accepted that Word and then proceeded to say, "But, Lord, it's hard..." I am so glad that His loving-kindness endures forever, that His mercies are new every morning! He took me to one of my favorite passages - Psalm 118. In verses 10-11, He seems to say, "I know that the enemy seems to be compassed about you. I know they surround you on every side BUT in My Name you will cut them off." It's as if He hears me still say, "it's hard, Lord." Once again, I feel Him say, "I know. It seems like bees swarming or a fire blazing through the underbrush BUT in My Name you will cut them off!" I can once again echo the words of the psalmist who said, "my adversary thrust sorely at me that I might fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my Strength and Song and He has become my Salvation." (Psalm 118:13-14 Amplified) The Lord enabled me to greet the day with a song in my heart and my hope renewed!

So off We went - my Lord and I - grocery shopping. Now you might think that I'm crazy but I love to go grocery shopping with the Lord! I am learning to really trust His provision and He seems to delight in surprising me with good gifts. Today, He showed His awesome care for me! He cares about the needs and desires that seem huge as well as the absolutely insignificant! I wanted some Glade plug-in airfreshners. I was given a number of the refills but didn't have anything to plug them into. We're really trying to honor the Lord with our finances and trust Him in big decisions and small, so as I was looking at the little gadgets, I asked Him if I could have one. It was $5.99 for one plug-in and refill. He told me that it could wait so I left it. I finished in that store and then had to go to another to get cream for our coffee. As I walked to the dairy aisle, there was a clearance display with a bonus pack of Glade plug-in airfreshners on for 50% off! For $4.99, I got TWO plug-ins and TWO refills! The Lord knew what He had already reserved for me just a little farther down the road!

I love the Lord! I sang, "He loves me too! He loves me too! I know He loves me too! If God so loves these little things, I know He loves me too!" Those words are from an old chorus called "He sees the Little Sparrow". I couldn't help but wonder about the circumstances that prompted the disciples to record those words. Can't you just see Jesus, stooping down to pick up a tiny sparrow that fell from its place of security. Can you picture Him cradling the tiny bird, quietly speaking words of reassurance? Doesn't it just make you stop in wonder? Who is this Jesus that He cares for the things that the world doesn't stop to see? He's the All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Sufficient Savior and He's caring for our details! Thank You, Lord!

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